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Thread: Official Wiki

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    Official Wiki

    We have just launched an official Fantasy Grounds wiki hosted on the Fantasy Grounds server.

    Link to Fantasy Grounds Wiki

    The wiki will not be open to general editing. Over time, I will add community mentors to the wiki to manage and add more content. For now, if you have content you would like to see on the wiki, just post your guide content in any of the forums and send me a note to your post. I've already started the migration of existing sticky threads onto the wiki.

    Many thanks to Oberoten, who has been hosting the community FG wiki for years on his own machine.


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    Thanks, Oberoten, and thanks, JPG for getting this up and going.

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    Great news!

    One small technical thing: you could activate URL rewriting, to go from

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    On the supported game system: each ruleset should have his own page, organized on the same manner (mediawiki template works fine here), with detailed informations on it: date of first release, date of the last update, name of the maintainer(s) and forum id, FG compatibility tag (i.e 2.0, 2.9, 3.0, etc.), language, corresponding version of the rpg if applicable, if it's a CoreRPG layered ruleset, available localizations, etc.

    And of course a detailed text explanation of the ruleset, its features. And a few HD screenshots wouldn't hurt.

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    In the spirit of getting it done, I left the current ruleset pages in place, but we can switch over to wiki pages as things settle down.


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    Understandable, I just wanted to point this out.

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    Fantastic news - great news on the wiki! Thanks Moon!
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    the condition 'nauseated' is missing from the 3.5e effect list.
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    Fantastic - look forward to seeing this expand over time, and getting the chance to curate my own little corner of it - +1 to what Blacky said.
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    Is it wise to link in the Wiki to six years old and obsolete documents, like Foen's anatomy of a ruleset? And any other resources or document that's not at least 95% up to date (if not 100%) for FG 3.0.3?

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