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    Limited 5E testing

    I'm looking for a handful of GMs running 5E games to test out a 5E ruleset we've been working on. I'm limiting the release at this point, so please PM me to get on the testing list.


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    For those testing this 5E ruleset. I have updated the Project: PAR5E thread with a new Java version of the tool which has been updated to support this test release. This should prove useful if anyone wants to parse the last play test packet material into one or more modules.
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    For those testing, I'm looking for this kind of feedback:
    * How does the interface work for you using 5E?
    * What do you see that could be easier?
    * Anything missing for tracking, especially character sheet?
    * Do you like the exploded character sheet (vs. tabbed character sheet in all the other rulesets)?
    * Any bugs or errors, especially with Par5E generated modules.


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    Do you want input here or in PMs?

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    Input here is fine.


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    So far what I have noticed, spell DCs are 10 + Ability, in 5E they should be 8 + Ability and should also have an option to allow for Proficiency modifier to be added (in the event of displaying Holy Symbol, holding Spellbook or a Focus object, etc). I do like the fact that it can be set to a static number as well, in case they need to be modified to any other odd number though! Personally I love the interface. I'm still getting used to the character sheet, after the group plays a session or two I'll pass on some comments.

    I'm also trying to use the new Par5E but I'm having issues. I'm sure those issues are me and not the program but I'll post those in that topic

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    In 4E ammo is tracked with the weapons on the combat tab. I didn't see that in the 5E ruleset. Is there a place to track ammo usage?

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    When you add armor values, it adds it to 10 (unarmored). So leather armor (+11) would change the AC to 21 instead of 11. Not sure exactly the best way to represent magic armor. For now I'm putting the bonus in Misc.

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    From our last session:

    Powers sheet
    - The base for saves should be 8 instead of 10
    - The Save button sometimes raises an error (Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_power.lua"]:265: attempt to index global 'ActionSpell' (a nil value)) and sometimes does nothing.
    - when you click on the first level category name to shrink the section the name label dissapears.

    Main sheet
    - when selecting rest menu option raises an error (Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/char.lua"]:25: attempt to call field 'reset' (a nil value))

    Combat sheet
    - when throwing initiative the Dex bonus is not added to the roll.

    Abilities sheet
    - The left button in the skills list only works with double click.

    Party sheet
    - When drag and drop an encounter to the party sheet the XP valued is not copied.

    Combat tracker
    - The Offense section isn't automatically opened when a NPC receives the turn.
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