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    Fantasy Dice free Ruleset

    The Fantasy Dice ruleset for FGII has been added to the community ruleset page.


    You can read more about Fantasy Dice over at Radical Approach. The Fantasy Dice rules are used for the Crimson Exodus setting which had its second edition kickstarted a few months ago.


    There is a getting started section and user guide PDF and I've also recorded a couple of tutorials on youtube: Part 1 and Part 2.

    I've worked on this ruleset for a while and added lots of automation to the character sheet, a combat tracker and much more such as handling of languages with use of different fonts and letter scrambling.


    There is also a dungeon crawl adventure for Fantasy Dice with a twist that comes with an adventure module for fantasy grounds - check out Echoes of Death (aka. Four Orcs and a Dwarf).


    I couldn't have done it without the community here and so a big thanks to everyone who shared their work and to FG for continuing to support my favourite virtual tabletop.

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    Well done TaroStar!

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