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    Looking for GM: Carrion Crown AP

    Here is somewhat of an unorthodox request...

    A friend & I would like to find a GM to host the Carrion Crown AP. I offer to buy the books and upgrade the FG license of the GM (as needed).

    Here's an indication of what's needed to fit with us:
    • GMing an AP is a lengthy time-consuming endeavour - commitment (availability and mindset) will be needed.
    • Sessions on a weekly schedule (same night every week).
    • Sessions would start between 8pm & 9pm Eastern Time.
    • Voice-chat play (Teamspeak or other).
    • Good GM mood setting and story telling skills to immerse our sessions into the gothic horror mood of the AP.
    • Balanced interest between social roleplay (between characters and with the world) and tactical situations.

    I expect there will also be some player slots to fill. Here are guidelines for the kind of players that would be compatible with us:
    • Mature players who like to have fun, yet also have the seriousness to engage in the immersion of the mood and story.
    • Rules Lawyers, combat-junkies, meta-gamers, argumentative or self-absorbed players may abstain; we are looking for a social game of role playing.
    • Depth in character personality, goals, likes & dislikes is nice - it leads to fun roleplay interactions.

    Is this compatible with anyone in the FG community?
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    I don't fit your qualifications for GM but appears I fit your needs for an extra player!

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    I recently won a third-party expansion to Carrion Crown, adding a lot of new character options and Lovecraft stuff, so was thinking of making it my next campaign, plus I like doing the creepy stuff. But I couldn't start until the Runelords campaign was done, of course. I'd also love to play it. I was in a game of it last year but only got halfway through the first book.
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    I have in fact been preparing to run the Carrion Crown AP starting within a few weeks. Personally, I love gothic horror, however, much of the specific material is a bit on the nose (as far as cliché goes) for me, which is why (so long as you're okay with me running) I will tweak certain elements, streamline combat so that it's less grind-ey, that sort of thing. In my experience, nothing kills the mood of a horror game quite as quickly as someone recognising a cliché and then the group having an extended laugh as they remember bad horror movies relating to the cliché.

    If youre okay with me as your GM, PM me
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    I also have an interest in either running or playing in it... depending on the scheduling.
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    I am currently running this for my tabletop group. Its an awesome AP. I will do this on fg in the near future if theres enough interest but atm this likely to be feb. In either case, it wouldnt be at the timezone mentioned. However, if someone does want to run this for lachancery, i will share my fg module, so basically, you could get the fg license, the pdf and the fg module build for free
    You wont get a better offer than that
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    Plus, hopefully you have already found a gm with KingofKlubs
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    I'm running this in FG at the moment - into book 2. I would be willing to share my FG modules too.

    Custom regional maps for the first two-and-a-half parts can also be found here:
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    I am running book two also Lots of fun. I hadn't seen those maps though, they are really good, thanks!
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    I'd be interested in playing if the day/time requirements work out.
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