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    Help with Mod Files


    I am currently running D&D Next using the 3.5 ruleset. I did a good bit of work (tons of cut & paste) to get material off the pdfs and into my own custom modules. I have decided that i'd like to switch over to the 4E ruleset instead of the 3.5.

    I have a module that consists solely of text (lots and lots of little pages of text with links to other pages of text) which cover all the rules for 5E. Is it possible for me to somehow edit the MOD file so that it will be usable in the 4E ruleset? Is that an easy switch?

    Currently, i cannot even manage to view the contents of the file in question. What program should i use to view and edit the MOD file?

    Any help is appreciated, and since my technical know-how is very limited, the simplest solution/program is always the best. Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: If the answer lies elsewhere on this forum, please link me to it and save yourself some typing!

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    first part of your question - change the extension (or add further extension eg to .zip and then you can open.
    extract the files.
    open using notepad++ or similar....
    when finished editing you need to rezip up and rename to .mod

    can you change to 4E - not sure.
    best way to find out is create new 4E mod and export and check definition.xml and update your 3.5 one as required.

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    Yes for the basic stuff, 3.5 and 4e use the same library classes. Feats, items, and powers/spells are different.
    What you need to do is go into the definition.xml file in the mod (unzipped) and change the ruleset tag from one of these




    Then rezip and change file extension back to .mod and put back in modules folder
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