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    Updated utility:
    1) Added ability to turn the grid on and off on the display with a right mouse button click.
    2) Added ability to pan the map with the left mouse when the grid is locked (i.e., after selecting the tile size with the left mouse.)
    3) Bug fix for output sizes sometimes not calculated correctly when first selecting the tile size.

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    This is sweet! thanks
    Thanks JH79
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    nice thread necro, I missed this the first time round and will try it out later

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    I'm unclear as to the purpose of this tool. I found it while trying to find a program to stretch the wonky grids in WoTC into squares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nytemare3701 View Post
    I'm unclear as to the purpose of this tool. I found it while trying to find a program to stretch the wonky grids in WoTC into squares.
    That's exactly what it does - resizes the map in separate horizontal and vertical dimensions to help align grids.

    There's a demo video available for download in post #1.
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    Watched the video, tried to mess with it again. Still confused.


    EDIT: Didn't mean to post yet, hadn't finished my message.

    I'm editing the full version of this map (this is just a small portion of it, for reference). The video is hard to see and not clear as to what is actually going on.

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    1. Load image.
    2. Use cursor to draw a 'starter' square, aligned as closely to your grid as possible.
    3. Use the adjustment and arrow buttons to align the red grid as close as possible to your image.
    4. Select output grid size.
    5. Save new image.

    The resulting saved image will be scaled independently horizontally and vertically to produce squares that line up with the red grid you positioned over the image.
    When you then load the image into FG and set the grid, the grid size should exactly match the grid size you selected in step 4.

    EDIT: Looking at the map you posted above, it's possible that this tool won't solve your problem 100% because I see spots in that image where the grid size doesn't appear to be consistent. This tool really only helps for those images where the grid is consistently scaled horizontally and vertically, but the horizontal grid size is not equal to vertical grid size (i.e. the grid squares are not perfectly square). If you have an image where the grid width or height is inconsistent from one row or column to the next, then this tool won't help you fix that and you'll need to live with some degree of grid mis-alignment. Usually you can adjust this on the fly within fantasy grounds as the party moves around on the map to keep the grid mostly aligned to the image in the vicinity of the players.
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    I got it pretty close using 13.625 for horizontal & 13.583 vertical. Here it is at 50px. Put this in FG and put a 50px grid on it. Not every square is exactly perfect, but pretty close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by valeros View Post
    13.625 for horizontal & 13.583 vertical.
    How the heck do you get such odd values? My vertical goes from 13.500 to 13.625

    The full version of the map, which has different proportions.
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