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    Issues with modules and ext for WFR3

    Good Day,

    I tried installing the library mods and extensions into the correct folders but they are not being recognized when you start a campaign. The .pak file is working fine and the downloaded mod and extensions can be seen in their respective data folders. They are named correctly and match the .pak file name. All other rules sets are working fine.

    I am running the most current version and tried installing on a second machine with the same result. Also, I read in the WFR3 manual that these mod and ext files might need updating but I can't locate the program.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Rename the "WFRP_3E.pak" file to "WFRP v3.pak" (space before v3). The modules and extensions are tied to a ruleset called "WFRP v3" which must match the .pak name.

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    I renamed the pak file in the library to address this issue in the future.


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    Quote Originally Posted by moon_wizard View Post
    I renamed the pak file in the library to address this issue in the future.

    Thanks Gents! Works great now!

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