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    Star Wars Edge of the Empire ruleset

    So I am in progress of making a Star Wars Edge of the Empire ruleset. I started using Neil G. Foster's Warhammer 3e ruleset. Without his ruleset I'd be nowhere, thanks Neil.

    RULESET attachment:
    Put this into your C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds II\rulesets folder, create the "rulesets" folder if it doesn't exist.
    LIBRARY attachment:
    Put this library into your modules folder: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds II\rulesets (it has the skills)
    Then you'll have to "add the library" to your campaign. You might want to allow players to see the library when doing this, there's a little octagon you drag.

    10/23/13 Progress: I finished the Dice!
    Arguably, the most important part. Double click or drag them them to add to dice pool. Then drag the pool into the chat or onto the dice tower to roll them, or even onto a hotbar.

    10/25/13 Progress: I made it look like Star Wars!
    thanks to whoever made the d20 star wars ruleset.

    10/25/13 Progress: Skills can now be dragged onto character sheets from Library module.
    I edited the Library for Warhammer to the Star Wars Skills. So unfortunately you need to add this Library file to any campaigns you start. Once you do; you can drag Skills onto character sheets, and it will create the proper dice pool draggable fields based on AbilityScore and Skill value, that you can drag into the dice box to prepare to roll. Also, the combat skills are currently under the "Advanced" skills section.

    10/29/13 Progress: 99% done. It's fully usable, there's maybe minor improvements that could be made. I don't have plans to do much more.
    Right now, once you create a character, Open up the Library. You can drag skills from the Library onto their sheet.
    Note: The Combat skills such as "Ranged(Light)", "Brawl" etc are currently classified as "Advanced Skills" in the Library and the Sheet.

    --Weapons, Items, Armor:
    You can drag weapons, armor and items as well. I have only included a tiny amount of examples so far: Light Blaster Pistol, Laminate Armor.
    You could also instead right click and create all their skills and items manually.

    You can drag "Abilities" from the Library onto the character sheet as well. Example: Wookie Rage: When a Wookiee has suffered any wounds, he deals +1 damage to Brawl and Melee attacks. When a Wookiee is Critically Injured, he instead deals +2 damage to Brawl and Melee attacks.
    I have not filled out the Library with many of these yet. I find that opening each one up, then resizing the window, and arranging them on your desktop seems to be one way to have the special abilities visible while playing.
    I tried to make most of the windows re-sizable, though it's not always visually apparent. You have to hover your mouse over the bottom corner.

    You can run them one of two ways: The main tab has their stats, and also a large "Notes" field where you can paste in the abbreviated NPC text block the books often have. The other way to run them: is to use the second tab, then fill in their inventory, weapons, and skills by dragging from the Library, and treat them almost like a fully statted out character.
    I included an example NPC in the Library. Click "NPC's and Ships"..."NPCs"..."Imperial Stormtrooper Sergeant"

    --Starships and Vehicles:
    Starships and Vehicles are currently treated as an NPC. Right now you have to use that "Notes" field to keep track of all the starship stats. I included an example in the Library: Click "NPC's and Ships"..."Starships and Vehicles"..."YT-1300 Light Freighter"

    --Initiative Tracker:
    You can drag characters and NPC's and Ships into the Combat Tracker (Initiative Tracker). Then you have to edit their Init numbers manually. You can also edit their wounds and strain. You can drag the "wound token" that and it will damage them. There is also a yellow "Strain" token that can be dragged to add strain to targets. You don't have to use the tokens though.

    --Light Side/ Dark Side Destiny Pool:
    On the bottom of the screen you can double click to add lightside or darkside destiny tokens. You can drag them off the pile to remove them. You have to manually add or delete them from both piles. Sorry, I didn't know how to program a way to "flip" one from one pool into the other pool automatically. Only the Host Game Master has authority to alter the piles.

    --Conditions and Critical Injuries:
    Conditions and Critical Injuries can be filled out in the Library right now, and then dragged directly onto characters. Not NPC's at the moment.

    -- 10/31/13 Progress: Initiative Tracker fix, Destiny Token Fix, added Weapons, Armor, Items.
    1. I fixed the Initiative Tracker. Now everyone should be able to see it.
    2. I think I fixed the Destiny tokens. I added a onUpdate listener, so whenever the number of tokens stored in the database is updated, each player should have their screen showing tokens updated.
    3. I added Weapons, Armor, and a few of the most common items to the Library resource. Stimpacks, Comlinks, Medpacks etc.

    --11/5/13 Progress - added Starships for party and NPC's- needs prettying up with fancy fonts, and background pics.
    1. Click the Party token in the top left to open up the party sheet, and there is a tab for their Starship, where you can add weapons, and stats.
    2. Every NPC now has a Starship tab, to be used if they are in a starship or vehicle. Otherwise you can ignore that tab.
    3. I made the entire Library "common" so all players can use it to drag skills, items etc onto their character sheets. (In future I will hide NPC stats from players to prevent cheaters)
    4. Combat skills are now classified as Combat skills.
    5. I added Starship weapons to the Library.
    6. Skills with a 0, untrained, can now be dragged to the dice box. It will just drag the underlying Ability score.

    --11/19/13 Progress - Thanks to the ImmortalDemi-god Trenloe
    • All users can double-click the die button for a skill to add the dice to the dicebox. Drag and drop still works too.
    • Destiny chits are shared on the player side - they can't interact with them at all, it is controlled all by the GM. The changes are all in chit.lua - I had to move the updates to a special message handler - as this allows the GM to pass their identity to the clients thus allowing them to access the database nodes.
    • When the GM drags a chit off one pile (just drag it anywhere) it will be removed and the other pile will have one chit increased.

    Still to do:
    • Pretty up the starship shield boxes, as well as player Characteristics and Wound fields to look like the character sheet pdfs. (I don't know how to put background images on only certain frames)
    • Fill in Library with more NPC's etc. Others can do this as well. Add Tokens
    • Create the characters from the Beginner box, and the Free GameDay adventure(Under a Black Sun).
    • Maybe add a way so that Critical Injuries and Conditions have their own shortcut on the right side menu for easy dragging.
    • Find a way to put titles at the top of all the windows, they are missing lots.
    • Make Dice Pool view-able by GM so they can check it before it's rolled. (if possible)
    • Remove un-needed parts of the Party sheet, and make sure all players can see and edit.

    Helpful Links
    All the Talent Trees in Pdf Format:
    Talent Trees in different Pdf Format:
    Critical Injury Effect cards in Pdf:

    Nate's extended resources links: http://community.fantasyflightgames....esources-list/
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Good luck with this. I think Neil is close to releasing a new version of the wfrp ruleset so this may have stuff that will be helpful?
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    Or he may have a stripped down version
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    I saw his other thread and it mentions using his stripped down Fighting Fantasy ruleset. So I may combine a mixture of what I can take from each set. Warhammer has a lot in common with Edge of the Empire though.

    I will say I don't like having to create the character sheet using xml programming.

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    I have the older version, which looks great, but the current dropbox link is dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey Hunter View Post
    I have the older version, which looks great, but the current dropbox link is dead.
    The file is so big, and dropbox is not doing such a great job. I'll find a way to put it up when I get home tonight.
    I'm working on the skills.

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    That's great. My group are thinking about moving on to this system, so this is coming at a great time for us.

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    I'm 99% done. I haven't tested this with actual players connecting. I'm worried about permissions of certain stuff. Like if control of a Starship can be given to a player, and if the players can see and edit the Destiny Pool.

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    Thanks for this very cool ruleset. Your timing couldn't be better. I am going to use it to run a session at the FG Virtual Convention this weekend:

    I just posted the game a few minutes ago. Fell free to sign up and we will give it a test drive.

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    I tested by having a player connect.
    I have 3 fixes to make.

    1. The players can't open up the Initiative Tracker right now. It's an easy fix to show the button.
    2. Starships are NPC's so players can't see the stats, they can see tokens, but not the important part, the stats.
    3. The Lightside/Darkside tokens don't get visually updated for everyone when they are increased/decreased. I need to create a "Handler" function.

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