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    What are your options for updating a Library module?

    I have created an adventure module. When I opened it in my main campaign game, I noticed something that I wanted to update (add an attack.) I was able to add the attack just fine. I can exit and restart the campaign and the change is still there. However, when I open another game and looked at the adventure module, the change was gone. Is there any easy way to update the adventure module, or do I need to open it again in its original game file and export again?
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    Modules are read only. If you make changes to their data within a campaign those changes are saved within the campaign only. This is what you're experiencing.

    The only way to change module data permanently is to export the module again or manually edit the module file.

    When I am making modules I create a "module maker" campaign that I use purely to create the module and I don't delete it (I back it up). This means that I can always go back, make changes and re-export the module if I need to.

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    Yep, same thing though occasionally I need to back up and delete a bunch of campaigns to clear out the ones that I'm not working on currently or anymore.
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