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    Very large Statis Icons

    After the latest update to FG I noticed the status Icons seem to be a fixed size instead of in proportion as show here where the icons are almost covering up the PC token.

    The token size is 32 pixels and the status looks like about 28ish.

    Very large Status Icons.png
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    I had some time to mess around with this. The status icons now appear to be a fixed size, where they used to be scaled against the size of the tokens. The tokens in the picture above are 32 pixels in that theme. While I'd rather not turn off status icons that appears to be the only solution.

    Was it a conscious decision to change the way the status icons work?

    This was in D&D 5E if it makes a difference.

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    There is an option now to change the size of the status icons.
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    This is Pathfinder, but it should apply to 5E too. You can change the size of the effect icons in the options menu.
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    You are prolly better posting this in the 3.3.8 thread so Moon Wizard definitely sees it.

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    Under the settings gear. There is an option to have these status items display in different formats. I think the latest update turned them on or changed the settings.

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    The token widget scaling in FG classic is based on the token-to-map scaling factor. It can end up looking too large/small based on the resolution of the first token added to a map and the resolution of the map. This is when the token-to-map ratio gets estimated. It's best to make sure you add a medium size token first.

    If the widgets are too small/large, you can adjust by right clicking on token, releasing the token scale via the radial menu, zooming in/out, and then locking the scale via the radial menu.

    Also, the effect widgets also have an option for small/normal/large sizes via the options menu.


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