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    The Ars Magica ruleset

    I just wanted to post and tell that there is a new somewhat more functional version of the Ars Magica rulset on the FG-Wiki along with a dab more documentation. http://oberoten.dyndns.org/fgwiki/index.php/Ars_Magica - Obe
    For your Ars Magica needs :

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    Updated the version in the Downloads section of the FG web site as well.


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    Is there any way of getting the ruleset without the Jedi Mind powers (Not that I'm dissing Jedi or anything - that could prove fatal)? I'm looking for a more "pure" version of the rules. And I can't seem to wend my way through the code to take it out. Is there such a version? Say, pre-house rules?

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