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    Shamans in FG

    Could anyone give me advice on the best way to utilize my spirit companion in FG. Should I make a separate character sheet, drag another token and remember it's HP, or is there a better way?

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    Yeah - the one time I played a shaman, I utilised a separate character sheet.

    It had my defenses (just set them manually), and 1HP. I then had a situational "RESIST: 9 [+HLVL]" effect on my own character sheet which I applied to the companion anytime it was summoned (ie. pretty much permanently). This effectively means it takes no damage unless it takes 10+ damage in one hit at level one, at which point it was removed from play and the DM would just give it 1HP again when re-summoned.

    I created a damage ability under the same situational power on my character sheet which was 5 + half level damage, which I would apply to myself any time the spirit was "killed".

    Has the benefit of being targetable by the DM in all the normal ways, plus you get to give it a portrait and token which can help with roleplaying as its a pretty important part of your character.

    All the powers (even those that originate from the spirit) however were listed on my character sheet, so I didn't have to switch characters all the time during play.
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    We did it the same way as chezcaliente. As he mentioned, its simpler to keep all powers on the PC.

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