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    Using Item: ID Option..How do I or the players identify items?

    I have the Item: Identification option turned on in FG2 and it seems to make everything the players get from my treasure parcel unidentified.

    So how do I make a particular item identified? I tried giving the players a short rest like the rules on IDing common items indicates, and on the DM side, I tried clicking on the red markout of the item (bottom right corner) that says the item is not identified. What's the trick?

    For example, a potion of healing in a treasure parcel is unidentified when a player takes it from the shared parcel sheet.

    **EDIT I did notice that if I drag the item directly from the library to the treasure parcel, I can not identify it by clicking on the red markout. However, if I put in the items first, then put it in the parcel I can. Is this by design? Am I going to have to do this for every magic item or potion or am I just doing something wrong?
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    If you are using Valero's parser and have identify items on then by default everything is unidentified including mundane armor, weapons, and equipment.

    The players are not allowed to identify items so the DM has to. To use treasure parcels and have items distributed identified you have to first drag the item from the library module onto the item list. Then in the item list click the Identify item icon at the bottom right of the item so the "not" symbol goes away. Next drag the identified item onto the treasure parcel. When you assign the item to a PC it should then be identified in the PC's inventory.

    If your characters make or buy an item that is not a weapon or armor you need to make for them, you can have them drag and drop the item into their inventory where it will show up as Unidentified. The DM can then just open the PC sheet and go through the inventory an click on any unidentified items and identify them. It's usually faster to do it this way instead of finding each item for them while they wait. You are still going to have to combine the armor and weapons for them though.

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