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    FG-Con website - LIVE!

    Good news, the 2nd FG Convention website and booking system is now live. The virtual convention will run 31sy May - 2nd June.

    The FG-Con website is live at:

    In this website players will be able to browse and join events (games) and GMs will be able to create events for players to join. Most of the info needed is on the “Events” page. If you’re running a game please make sure you create your game following the instructions from the events page link at “For guidelines on how to submit your event click here”.

    You will need to register to either play or GM – please make sure you use an email address that you regularly check as updates regarding your events will be sent to this email, and GMs will use this to communicate with you regarding their games. We will not use the emails for anything other than organisation and communication for this convention.

    Note: All dates/times displayed in the website should be UTC time. Please familiarise yourself with what this means for your timezone. Each event will have a link to the website that will show the event times in most cities. See below for an explanation of why we have to do this - sorry! You can set your home location timezone from the Current Time -> Set Home Location section at the top left of the homepage - this will allow the event timeanddate links to more easily display when time the event will start for you.

    Current UTC time:

    When you first register and join events keep an eye on your email spam/junk folder – emails will be sent to you from [email protected]. It is quite common for some of the first emails to go to junk/spam.

    Please create your events as soon as possible – this will increase the chance that you will be able to fill your events and also give you longer to communicate with your players and make sure you are all ready for the convention.

    Please register just for the games you know you are going to attend. Make sure you check the event FG license type - if you you do not have a minimum of a Fantasy Grounds lite license you will only be able to join games where the GM has an Ultimate license.

    If something comes up and you can no longer play, make sure you go to your bookings: Events -> My Bookings and cancel the events you can’t attend. Real-life frequently gets in the way and sometimes you can’t play – be courteous to your GM and fellow players by letting them know ASAP if you can’t make a game.

    Website/booking system.
    If you have any comments or issues with the booking system, please post in this forum thread and we will get to them ASAP:

    We have not been able to find a free/reasonably priced event system plugin that properly handles even times across timezones – that is, displaying an event list in the user’s local time; which is very, very frustrating… So, we will be doing something similar to the last convention – a spreadsheet that is manually updated to include event slots in a few common timezones:

    Please be patient if we don’t add your event to this spreadsheet straight away.

    In-game communications.
    For voice based communications we will be using the community teamspeak server, which has now been increased to support 128 concurrent users (thanks Dakadin).

    GMs: If your game is not using voice comms, please be clear in your event description that you will be using text chat for your game.
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