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    Hi Dakadin, I am looking for the static maneuver table, I see it is in character law but cannot find it in the tables option on the main screen, so I can drag it into the combat resolver. I can see the M&m table and the resistance roll table, but no static maneuver table. Thanks.

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    Hi Mac77,

    Unfortunately, that table isn't one of the ones setup for the Table Resolver. There is some good news though. I think Ardem has a copy of it in his RMFRP module that goes with the RMFRP extension. There is a sticky thread for modules and extensions which should have a link to it.

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    Thank you sir.

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    Yeah RMFRP has the static maneuver table as well as all the tables from the school of hard knocks, so lots of tables. You just need to mod file, the ext file is not need unless you plan to run a frp game.

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