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    Pathfinder Game starting @ 8pm EST 2-17-13

    Games been going for awhile now. Space for one more. Please visit our website for more information:http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.asp...&TabID=2382786

    I have the Vent and Server up now...hop on, even if you want to just spectate. Glad to have anyone interested. You can find the info on the site!

    The only thing necessary, for the triumph of evil,
    is for good men to do nothing.

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    I was in a PFS game today but are you looking for a permanent player to fill this slot?


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    Was giving potential permanent players a chance to sit in on the game, yes. We could use one more player. We have a cleric, barbarian, and bard. Very fun campaign so far. We play from 8-10pm EST.

    Warning: This is not a high fantasy game. We have about 50/50 roleplay vs combat right now. We try to mix realism and fantasy. So any decisions you make, you will have to live with. I know most players are kind of catered to when it comes to treasure and magic items. I don't. But it is fair and consistent.

    Currently, PC's are lvl 3 and averaging about a level a month. Feel free to stop by our website in my signature if interested.
    The only thing necessary, for the triumph of evil,
    is for good men to do nothing.

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    [Some Background]

    Generations ago, a hidden coven of witches and warlocks, called the Fel Hand, opened a Gate

    to the Underworld. Thinking to parley with the denizens of that infernal realm for power over men,

    they only served to ensure that they were the first to fall to the blades of the demons.

    With the Gate to the Underworld open, the armies of the demons poured forth from the Anvil Mountains. They sought to conquer this realm of men, and gorge themselves on their flesh and spirits.

    They fought and won many bloody battles against the Kingdom of Aedoras and the North Men.

    But in their pride, they never expected a direct attack on The Burning Citadel, the resting place of the Gate.

    A group of men fought their way in and destroyed the Gate, thereby restricting the demons to one year, before their physical bodies would fade, and they would have to either retreat from the realm of men, or possess a suitable body.

    Now pressed for time, the armies of the demons marched on the whole of Aedoras. In their desperation, Aedoras begged the ancient races of dwarves and elves for help. Seeing the demons as a man-made menace, they refused. Only the men of the North came to the aid of the kingdom of Aedoras.

    The armies fought in the foothills of the Anvil Mnts. In this place, the demons could not bring

    their entire force to bear. With valor and bravery, the men fought the infernal armies to a draw. With this one battle, the might of men and demon was broken. The Kingdom of Aedoras fell, and the men of the North were nearly wiped out.

    The demons scattered, knowing their time was short. Some fled to the Burning Citadel, in hopes of finding a way back to the Underworld. Better that, than a formless existence in the realm of men. Many of the demons possessed what bodies they could, men, beasts, even the dead.

    And so began The Dark Times....
    The only thing necessary, for the triumph of evil,
    is for good men to do nothing.

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    Hey i was wondering if there was room for one more
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    Hey DJ..got ya approved on the site. Will send ya an email there.
    The only thing necessary, for the triumph of evil,
    is for good men to do nothing.

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    I saw another bard on the calender page! DUET!!!

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    hi im still waiting for ur response for ur game

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    I've been looking for a VTT campaign to join, and i applied to your guild page. awaiting your response. Thank you!

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