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    Shame you couldn't make it. Have a drink for me. (Judging from my location, you'll see I'm *not* going to an expo ).
    Aliens.... Go fig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draeus
    If you guys are going to birminghamnexpo this year, maybe meet up for a drink? Wish I could join in tuesdays btw

    Alot going on in private life, who knows what the future holds.
    I am definitely at Expo on the Saturday and probably on the Sunday too. Meeting up for a beer would be good. Doswelk is going and running.

    Tuesday was epic, Rubeus had an eventful debut and his luck is certainly better than a certain Phantasm!
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    Lol I think anyones luck is better then phantasms lol! Was it Tuesday you got that insane damage?

    I would of loved to have been part of it, but i need to sort a few things out first. I do too much gm'ing and would like to get to play.
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