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    FG2 Virtual Con 2013 (part 1) - Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June

    Hi folks,

    We've been working hard in the background to set a date and setup what is needed to run the next Fantasy Grounds virtual convention.

    We've set the date for Friday May 31st to Sunday June 2nd.

    Start time May 31st 5pm GMT+12 - Time conversion here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldcloc...p11=75&p12=224

    End Time June 2nd, 10pm GMT-12 - Time Conversion here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldcloc...p11=75&p12=224

    So, put this in your calendar! Prospective GMs start thinking about what you'd like to run.

    Like last time, this is a global convention - so it can run from Friday May 31st GMT +12 to Sunday June 2nd GMT-12. Essentially over 3 days of gaming - if you're in New Zealand you can start playing Friday afternoon until Monday evening local time, if you're in Hawaii you can play Thursday evening to Friday evening local time. Of course - there have to be games running for you to play...

    There's a lot of work for the team to do in order to get prepared and make this a success, a rough timeline is:
    • February: internal testing of convention website and event tracking system.
    • March: Continued testing and refinement of the website – on all areas, but concentrating on the GM event posting side. Plan other areas of the convention. Begin publicity.
    • April: Website goes live for GMs to register their games. Full call for GMs. Very active publicity pushing people to the website where they can find video links, extra info, sign-up for a mailing list, etc..
    • May: Player registration opens. GM game registration continues. Big publicity push. Player and GM support.
    • May 31st – convention begins!
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    Excellent news!

    I am booking that weekend off from all domestic duties
    Timezone: GMT
    Location: Dublin
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    Currently GMing: Savage Cavemen (Homebrew prehistoric setting)
    Planning to GM: RMU (Homebrew apocalyptic scifi), Call of Cthulhu one-off (if I stop being scared)
    Hoping not to be: Divorced as result of above

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    It is in the diary/calendar. I'll start thinking of some games to run. Hopefully I might get to play in one or two as well if the times are UK friendly.
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    That's my wife's birthday weekend (and the weekend after UK Games Expo) so I cannot commit yet, but assuming I can get a pass I'll run Savage Worlds: Scooby Doo F'taghn!
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    Depending on my work schedule, I might be able to run something.. Not sure as of yet..
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    Nothing at the moment.

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    This sounds fun. I'll make sure I'm free and available to run something.

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    I might be game for CoC and possibly D&D 3.5 if there's interest.

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    If all goes well, I should be free that weekend to run a couple of one shots, for lite players.
    Aliens.... Go fig?

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    I missed last year, but looking forward to this year!
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    Is the timeline still accurate? Is this still a go?

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