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    Hello Barum,

    There have been a lot of good posts here that relate different experiences by various people in the community. As an official response, it is something that we have on the wishlist of features to actually build a ruleset builder tool but it is not scheduled to be developed anytime in the near future. You can accomplish a lot with macros and the macro features are pretty simple and yet powerful to accomplish if you stick them onto the powerbars at the bottom of the screen.

    As an example, load up a new 3.5E or 4E campaign and then create a 3d6+2d4+5 macro using these steps.
    Method 1
    1. Type 5 in the chat window and drag this to a blank hotkey button
    2. Drag 3d6 to the same hotkey one at a time or by left click+hold and then 2 right clicks to make it 3d6
    3. Drag 2d4 to the same hotkey in the same way
    4. Right click and edit the label to set a name for the hotkey

    or the easier way:
    Method 2:
    type this in the chat window and drag it to a hotkey
    1. type /die 3d6+2d4+5 Flaming Lasso Chop into the chat window
    2. drag this to a hotkey
    3. right-click on the hotkey and label it

    Now simply left-click on that hotkey whenever you want to roll that macro. Each player can make their own and you have 12 banks plus additional sets of 12 by holding down ALT, Shift, CTRL or any combination of those.

    typing /? in the chat window on those rulesets gives a list of useful commands you can use.

    Some of the competition's software uses macros almost exclusively. They are powerful enough to accomplish most of what you need but not nearly as nice as when we have a fully featured ruleset. Because of that, they are often overlooked by newcomers to FG.

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    Because of that, they are often overlooked by newcomers to FG.
    im not quite ready to call myself a longtimer - but I always forget about these macro keys - especially about doing anything fancy with them...

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    Let me just add my $0.02 worth:

    I agree that the FG2 UI is NOT natuarally intuitive - at least when you are getting started. That was the primary motivation for me doing up my series of Video Tutorials for my players (some of whom are not CodeMonkeys - and the ones who are found it confusing at first as well).

    My advice - look at some of the FG2 Videos on YouTube (of course, I'm going to recommend mine - just look for my channel (Dulux Oz) ) and hang in there for a couple of hours - that's how long I've found it generally takes even the most non-CodeMonkey to get the hang of things. Once they do get the hang of it, they tend to really be able to make the software "fly".

    Good luck, and hang in there.
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