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    Realms of Cthulhu: Friday 18th 7.30pm Jan (GMT)

    I cut my teeth on Call of Cthulhu before recently falling in love with the Savage Worlds Ruleset. I have converted many original scenarios from CoC to RoC from Wild West Mythos to WW”, from Russia to Gaslight. I’m looking to run a few short (one or two session) scenarios to try and get a settled group before taking on something bigger on the Masks of Nyarlathotep, Tatters of the King scale. Hopefully some of you will want to give this a shot. This will probably run fortnightly to coincide with my Evernight game; should it get enough players.

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    sounds awesome

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    If you are interested sign up at the game calendar to get this game up and running.

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    ok now i have

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    Good stuff. I'll PM you some more details when a few more folk have signed up.

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    With a couple of people declaring interest on the game calendar would it be easier to run this game on a Saturday. I'm fairly stuck to starting at 7.30pm (GMT) so a Saturday game may help other players with their schedule.
    Friday night is still my preference but will make the switch to get this up and running.

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    can you make a call charecter in FG?
    im fairly new to it

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    Yes you make your character in the program. All in all it views like a normal sheet with you able to make rolls etc. I'll be using MurghBpurns RoC extension which adds sanity and corruption to the standard Savage Worlds sheet.
    Once the games set up I can arrange to log on and take you through the basics if you'd like.

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    i cant find a call charecter sheet in it

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    The game will run through my a server hosted on my computer. I need to have Fantasy Grounds open for you to log into my game and create your character.
    To host/GM a game yourself you would need to purchase the CoC ruleset through the store.
    My Realms game will use the Savage Worlds Ruleset. As a player you do not require this ruleset, just a lite copy of Fantasy Grounds to allow you to log onto my game.
    Hope this helps.

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