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    Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy

    Hi all

    Am looking to start running a savage worlds warhammer fantasy game and was looking to see if anyone was interested in playing.

    The game will be played once a fortnight on a friday, looking for 1-2 more players post if interested or want info

    Cheers Spike

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    Interested? yes...but not sure which Fridays would work for me.
    What Time Zone?
    ~Grimm182~ (GMT-8)/WA
    GM: Booked
    Player: Available for Sunday Nights

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    Hey Grimm

    its GMT and was thinking of starting it on the 25th Jan then the 8th Feb then the 22nd Feb

    If you can make it on those days let me know

    Cheers Spike

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    If you haven't yet, check out this Google group for an active WFRP/Fantasy Grounds community.


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    I am still planning for the 25th the only hitch is i may be out of town...waiting on family to make up their mind.
    ~Grimm182~ (GMT-8)/WA
    GM: Booked
    Player: Available for Sunday Nights

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