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    Realms of Cthulhu Character Sheet

    I'm planning to have a go at making a character sheet for RoC. The sheet would need have derived characteristic Sanity and Corruption, as well as a tracker for mental damage. In fact a replica of MurghBpurn's RoC extenson would be the dream end result!
    I think this is probably a big task for someone without much programming experience. So I humbly ask for any advice on where to start / what to read to try and get this started.
    Any advice is very appreciated.

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    I'll need to have a play about but by removing the dependancy on "Savage World Ruleset Unofficial Patches", with Notepad++, the original MurghBpurns extension seems to be working fine. If it continues to do I will be extremely happy.
    Should probably have had a play before posting.

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    That's good to know - I kept meaning to give Murgh's ROC extension a little love - whilst each new release does tend to break old extensions (except for purely graphical ones), the break is normally only one or two lines of code that need fixing.

    If it still works 100% fine, that's great ! If you do find any issues and have trouble addressing them, add to this thread, and maybe I can help out.
    I no longer develop for Smiteworks

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    After some tinkering I've managed full character sheet functionality along with compatibility with the adventure deck and Ikael's improvements extension. I have had to remove the RoC combat tracker and NPC's. I might try to get these working as a project but am happy with the character sheet for now! I'll post if I make further progress.

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