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    Where is passive perception and passive insight on character sheet?

    Hi folks,

    I'm setting up some characters for my players and I cannot find boxes for Passive Perception or Passive Insight. Unless I'm being completely blind, I assume they don't exist. What do you guys do? Add a skill entry I suppose?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Jude, the passive perception and insight boxes were removed from the first page of the 4E character sheet several versions ago when the party sheet was added into the ruleset. This is because the information is now displayed on the skill tab of the party sheet so you can see the whole party's values at a glance so you don't have to do anything other than make sure you characters have been dragged onto the party sheet. I've put a shot of my 15th, 16th level party below.

    The header for the perception and insight column is wrong, its actually showing the skill not the passive skill, (ie skill +10) that's because the column also allows you to roll everyone's insight or perception by double clicking on the number.
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    Wow - that's awesome, thanks for the quick reply. As you can probably tell, I'm new to FG (and VTTs in general). I'm just getting to grips with it - still lots of tutorial vids to watch!


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    Hey, just wondering if there is a similar place to find the Passive Senses on Fantasy Grounds Unity 5e? I know on the Main tab of the character sheet there is the PER next to senses, but is there a location for all three PASSIVE senses?

    Edit: Sorry, wrong forum.
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