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Thread: 4E Item Parser

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    The OGL, SRD and GSL are basically just licenses to breath. You can't actually copyright a game mechanic. I deal with this constantly with the apps created by our company. At the same time where the parser fails is that it copies all the text over directly from wizards resources. If we had a resource that dealt with just the mechanics and left of the fluff text out that should comply with not only the OGL, SRC, and GSL, but overall U.S. copyright law as well.

    Might also be worthwhile for wtoc (who are still selling their pdfs at a hefty price on to have a digital resource api available, or at least allow access to redistribute the xml of all their data (for those of us who have it) for others to make use of in the growing market of digital tabletop gaming.

    Think I'll make a few inquires.

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    I agree that game mechanics can’t be copyrighted.

    The issue with the FG 4E ruleset is that the standard descriptive text used in powers etc. is parsed to create the relevant FG automation. Hence the parser didn’t "fail" in the way it was implemented, it’s a requirement to have the whole text in FG records for the data to actually do something in the ruleset. Entries aren’t written in FG code, they’re standard descriptive text - which is covered by copyright, even though in this case it indirectly relates to game mechanics.

    Who knows what WotC might end up doing. For a while it seemed they weren’t interested in AD&D FG conversion, but they changed their mind about that.
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