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Thread: 4E Item Parser

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    This looks good
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    I'm having a bit of confusion as to how to do this. I'm following Method 2 on the tool, but I'm not sure if what I'm doing is right. Since the compendium needs query to bring up data, I'm not sure if I'm getting everything. Can someone point me out to a step by step guide to following this, or perhaps some tips in using D&D Insider's compendium? If there's a way to pull up all data that'd be preferable to running through the vowels and hoping it picked everything up...

    Edit: Ah, forgot about the compendium reader. Might be able to figure this out. Sorry for the confusion, really new to all of this.
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    Sing out if you do run into trouble!

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    Id also start from the back of this thread as much of the stuff at the beginning of the thread has changed over time...

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    Hello all. I have been parsing 4e material with no problem using the '4eParser.exe' file. That is....until I got to powers. When I parse powers it creates the .txt file and then an .xml file that has zero data (It also makes a folder with a definition.xml and thumbnail.png). When I have done any other category it makes a .mod file no problem. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thank you!

    Edit, Added info: When I use Method 1 with the resulting text file I got using method 2, I get this error for each power entry: Failed to parse: Defy Death : also entry.Fields not populated

    I have tried db.xml and common.xml. Again, thank you so much for help on this amazing tool!
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    The "Power Classes.txt" file must be in the same directory as the parser when parsing powers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valeros View Post
    The "Power Classes.txt" file must be in the same directory as the parser when parsing powers. Thank you. I apologize if that is written somewhere. I could not figure it out.

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    This worked like a charm, thanks. I re-opened my compendium account yesterday, got all the files downloaded over the course of the day and overnight. This morning I was able to parse everything, create mods, and open them in Fantasy Grounds.

    Some .txt downloads had to be edited where the closing paragraph tag shifted down a line, but the parser will tell you what items have errors. There were also two rituals that got nothing but the first and last line that caused a .mod import error. I found those items by looking at the compendium download log file I had saved and deleted them (Arcane Mark and Reliable Balance).

    Valid Sources.txt works nicely. You can also run a parse on every downloaded text file. That will create a new text file with all the data that you can rename 'All Compendium', and you can use that one file to create .mod files based on Valid Sources.txt.

    Now I just need to figure out what I want to import to a 4e campaign.

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    SerpintineOwl, Welcome to the forums Even if it appears you've been around for awhile *g*

    Glad things are working for you. Let us know if you have questions.

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    4E Compendium powers parsing.....
    Hi All.
    I am still trying to get the 4e character powers from the Compendium into module form.
    So far I have all the other entries imported via the parser into Module form.

    However after trying to use the same method for the Powers entry it has taken some time for the download to run completely through.
    1. I have a large text document from the Powers download and a message box came (see attach 1)
    2. The Powers downloaded into a text document file. (attach 2)
    3 I don't know how to proceed from here. I don't know which files to put into the parser.

    Does anybody have experience with this.

    Hopefully I am missing something obvious...

    Attached Images Attached Images
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