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Thread: 4E Item Parser

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    Okay so I have tried working with the partner for the last week or so, but I've still had no luck with it. I have tried selected in trees from the compendium. On step 6 I have used two browsers and entered my D&D Insider account information, but still nothing. And at the very bottom when it ask to yeah we had a little time in that field it gives me the error that I do not have an account. Please somebody help me.

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    Make sure you are logging in when you first open the parser, not when it asks you after you've already done the trees etc.
    Otherwise can you post images of the errors you are getting and at what steps.

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    Modified parser to update GUI to make slightly easier to use with Compendium for new users since it seemed to be a problem. Also fixed various bugs with incorrectly parsing some entries (mainly some powers in paragon paths, classes, epic destinies, etc.)

    If you get an error that "We were unable to find an account with that username and/or password", then you probably did not do Step 1 (i.e., login to DDI in the browser in the tool.)
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    So I just renewed my DDI sub as I plan on running a 4th edition game soon. I found out that the DDI is no longer supported so I fancy getting the whole thing downloaded and archived for future use. Any idea how long that will take?

    Alternatively, do we know if the parser will work with the following tool?

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    It will take 12+ hours. It will be comparable to the tool you mention. That is, 2-3 seconds per entry on average. The parser does not work with the tool you mention. However, once you have downloaded entries it does store the entries as a text file. One text file per time you download entries. Those files can then be used in the future instead of downloading the entries again. So basically it archives the data as well. I recommend not trying to download all the entries at once but to download a category at a time (e.g., all monsters, then all traps, etc.)

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    Huh, I've filled out the form to make for this 'essentials' package and it's really taking it's time. I imagine it would not be faster than downloading 9000+ powers at once.

    Anyone got the parsed data zipped up somewhere? Or would that constitute piracy? [REMOVED BY MOD]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizban View Post
    Anyone got the parsed data zipped up somewhere? Or would that constitute piracy? <REMOVED>
    Yes, this would breach copyright.

    That's the point of this parser - it allows people with a DDI account to do a one-off scrape of the compendium themselves. No sharing of copyright data, just do it yourself. It might take a while, but it's a one-off scrape (as mentioned by valeros above). Patience required!
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    Interesting that this is still managed. Is there any chance of there being a change to how feats are handled? Ever since 3.2.0 the feats are unable to be opened, even breaking them down to Heroic/Epic etc, Heroic causes issues for me and players.

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    So next question, what ever happened to the functionality of parsing a pdf into the data? Pretty sure I was able to do that with the digital copies of the books that I have. Which made for easily managing modules along the normal FG method.
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