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    Pathfinder Campaign

    Well as the title says I have a campaign running and need a couple of new people preferably with at least one arcane spell caster. If you are interested and want to discuss it I am often available on skype just add Umbralord13 and I will chat with you about the details of the campaign. You are also welcome to email me if you prefer at [email protected]

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    Will help if you let everyone know when you play and how often.
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    I'll add you to Skype and see if we can talk, don't think I can play Wednesdays or Saturdays unfortunately, so if its one of those days I'm out of luck.

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    Sorry we play once a week on Fridays 4-8 PM PST.

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    Aww I'd just be leaving for work at that time, thats too Bad. Hope you find your players though.

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    add me to skype i would love to play jonathan_pounds
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