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    Are you sure you cannot download I have tested and the link seems to be ok, please let me know if there is still an issue here.

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    Howdy! Before I go messin' around with these extensions I figured I'd better verify that the RMC 2+ ones are the only ones that are compatible for Unity. Is that correct?

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    Yes, those are the only ones that I know are compatible with the current version. The ruleset changed so much between v1.8 and v2 that most extensions broke. The ones in the RMC v2+ section are the ones that were updated to be compatible.

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    Ok thanks Dakadin! Will the extensions adversely effect any current characters?

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    The only one that I see in that list that might change the current characters is the RMFRP extension and that is just because of the differences in RMC and RMFRP. I don't know that it will adversely effect the characters but it might make some changes to them. You would likely need to create new characters for it.

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    I added an extension to remove the other dice from the desktop to the first post.

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