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    Pathfinder: Cleric abilities in Actions tab of Character sheet

    Hey everyone. I'm new to using Pathfinder (I had my head buried in the Rolemaster ruleset for the last year).

    I'm still not sure how to properly setup some stuff in the PF character sheet. I have read the 3.5E online documentation and searched posts in the last 6 months, but I haven't found the answer I'm looking for... More specifically, about the Cleric abilities, like domain powers and channel energy.

    I have set up one prepared spell class for my normal cleric spells; one prepared spell class for my domain spells; and one spontaneous spell class for my cleric abilities.

    In the third one, I typed the value of 3 + wisdom modifier in level 1, and then I create a new level 1 "spell" for my first domain power. I do the same for level 2 for my second domain power. And finally, I do it for level 3 for my channel energy.

    I have been able to figure out how to set the parameters and add the appropriate effects for my powers.

    I did it this way to be able to track uses per day, and when the GM hits "Rest" in the combat tracker, it's all reset back to full.

    Was it the way I was supposed to do it? Is there a better way?

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    Yeah, that's pretty much how it works. Good job figuring it out. Although I don't normally bother giving the cleric's domain spells a separate spell class.

    The only thing I noticed is to check the DC of your channel energy for harming undead. The default formula takes spell level into account, so you'll have to adjust it if you don't want to move it.
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    Cool. Thanks for the feedback. That wraps up my first PFS character then. All I need now is a game.

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