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    Pathfinder - Homebrew campaign

    FG License: GM has Ultimate
    Game System: Pathfinder

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time USA

    Day of week and time: Saturday 5pm EST - Session 1 starting 9/1/2018
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4hrs+ once a week, maybe longer some sessions. Looking for dedicated players
    Term: Campaign, long term

    Text or Voice: Discord

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 65/35 role play/combat - focus on character development, epic story arcs, plot hooks, etc.

    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 3 players, need 2 more
    Character starting level & equipment: Level 1 with basic equipment
    Character restrictions: See my website but in general humans, half-orcs, lizardfolk, kobolds at campaign start, core classes.

    Details of your scenario: I'm looking to run an immersive campaign where the are interesting characters, choices, and stories. Go to to read about the specifics of my campaign world, what I'm trying to build, what type of players I'm looking for, etc. I was running a live game but I'm converting it to FG so in the next 0-3 days it should have more details fleshed out there.

    Keep in mind some of the limitations I impose are temporary for purposes of the world. For example, at first players won't be able to chose dwarf because there are no known dwarves in the world... which will change later. I'm a person who believes in 'analysis paralysis' and I come from being raised on 2nd Ed. AD&D so that is why I'm a more limiting that most on class options. If you have an idea for a class you want to play that doesn't quite fit into the core classes available maybe we can talk and make some compromise... but in general I'm looking for people interested in the campaign world, not building an 'op character'.

    What I'm looking for:
    - People who are going to be consistently on time week after week.
    - People who read the website and are excited about what they read
    - People who are open to doing some 'off session' things like exchanging emails about what the characters are up to between sessions (crafting, doing professions, seeking lore knowledge, etc)

    - I'm pretty new to FG, I'm been using it for a couple weeks, done some mock combats, etc. I'm confident I can run it, but I'm sure I might be clunky for the first few sessions to someone who's been using it for months
    - I grew up in the 1980s doing lots of home rules, custom monsters, custom magic items, etc. I'll error on making faster rulings vs. spending 50 minutes on 3 rounds of combat.
    - Read the rules on death: I believe in open DM rolls, no fudging... the real possibility of character death. It adds tension, drama, and accomplishment to things that you don't get if players know the DM will always bail them out. Be prepared and OK with the possibility of rerolling a new character and/or having a 2nd character available if yours dies. I'm not trying to kill characters, or wanting to make an overly challenging game, but I feel its important that death is possible.
    - Read the rules on alignment: Evil aligned characters are acceptable, however my definitions for what is evil might be different than others. The jist is... just because a character might be evil doesn't mean they murder everyone they can; evil is more of a self over others thing than mindless violence. Its also on a continuum; a CG and CE might play pretty similarly, its just when there might be some big reward at the expense of others the CE might go for the reward and the CG might go saving others instead. In the end you pick your alignment to best match how you play your character, your alignment is a guide to roleplay, not a thing that forces you to make decisions.
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    i'm interested if it stays pathfinder but it greatly depends on the day of the week and when during the day the game would take place.

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    Ok great. I'm flexible on the day/time so I'll go with whatever the players decide. What time/day works best for you?

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    saturday evenings/nights are the best

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    That would be my first choice; more people should be free and if some weeks we want to run a longer session then Saturday fits well for that.

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    Hi, I’m interested. I prefer pathfinder because I’m a new player and I’ve only played the Beginner Box a couple of times. I know that the system is similar to 5e. However I’ve never had a D&D book in my hands.
    My schedule is flexible so I think it should not be a problem.

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    I am interested
    Ultimate License-Always looking for a game to play
    DCI: 1318637470
    PFS # 263766
    D&D 5E
    D&D 3E

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    I'm interested in this as well. As long as we can start between 7-8 pm Friday or Saturdays!

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    Hello. I'm looking to run a first session either this friday or saturday. I'm EST, with a fairly flexible schedule so I'll look to what works best for people who respond. I'd like to have a character reaction session either wednesday or early on the day we play. Visit the site for information about my campaign and let me know what race/class you are interested in playing. Preferably I'd like you to contact me on my website so I at least know you bothered to look at it. I'm looking for players with an interest in story and character development with some combat. Players who can consistently play once a week, and would be eager to have a longer session maybe once a month. People play golf and fish all day saturday, watch football all day sunday, I'm looking for players that are into role playing game enough where a 6 or 8 hour session once in a while is good news.

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    i can do saturdays starting from 5pm est till 3am est
    i'm interested in a fighter. maybe lizardfolk if no one else has called it yet but not picky about race.

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