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    Devin Night Token Kickstarter

    Hey everybody, I realize I haven't been around much lately. This whole year has been busy with various projects. I am in the process of getting a Kickstarter project started August first. I don't have all the details hammered out but basically it will be 150+ monster tokens done in my top-down style useable in VGT's. I'll update this post when I have the details resolved. until then if you want to see samples of my more current work please visit my blog.
    Thanks for your time and interest.

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    Cool! looking forward to it.

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    Dropbox Link To Maps Folder

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    yeah - me too - your work is fantastic.

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    Thanks guys.
    And to anyone who doesn't know my work my older token packs are available for free from my token website.

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    I use your tokens pretty much every week! They're indispensable. Thanks for them =D

    I'll probably pledge to get more when you have this up. =)

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    Thanks guys.
    Here is a link to the Kickstarter project.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Thanks for all that you do. I've used your tokens and have contributed. Good luck with this project!

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    Great project ! I've pledged and I hope you get what it need !

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    Supported. Almost 1/2 way to goal with just over three weeks left. Fingers crossed.
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    Thanks guys.
    Your support is greatly appreciated. We've crossed the halfway line in just one week.

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