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    Convention Rules and TeamSpeak user control

    I know, I know - no one wants to hear about rules, we just want to have fun. But, we need to just make a few things clear as they may not be obvious to everyone!

    1. Have fun - that's what we're here for!
    2. This is a public convention that is open to all ages - please keep your language "clean" (think PG13) and your behaviour polite and courteous. GMs have the ability to kick you from their game - so keep it friendly out there!
    3. If you can't make your game or are going to be late - let the GM know! Real life can get in the way sometimes - that's OK. What is not OK is neglecting to tell your GM about it!
    4. GMs - please try to keep to your advertised slot time and duration. Players may have signed up for other games immediately after yours and will need to get ready for that game. If you think your game will overrun, as soon as you realise this check with all of your players to see if running late is OK. If players have somewhere to be at the scheduled session end time, please take that into account and try to end the game around that time.
    5. Players - if someone is behaving inappropriately, please mention it to your GM - either via a whisper (/w GM) in Fantasy Grounds or by right-clicking on their name in TS3 and selecting "Open Text Chat" and chatting from the chat line at the bottom of the TS3 client. The GM will take appropriate action.
    6. GMs - if someone is behaving inappropriately, please ask them to stop. If they continue, you have the ability to kick someone from your channel - right click on their name and select "Kick user". They will be kicked back to the "Open Chat" channel and may come back to your channel against your wishes. If they do, right click on your game channel, select "Edit Channel" and go to the "Advanced" tab. Change the "max users" setting from Unlimited to the number of players plus you (excluding the one you are about to kick). Press OK and kick the offending player again - the user limit will prevent anyone else from joining your game channel.
    7. Players and GMs - if you have persistent problems with a player please look for a user on the TeamSpeak server with a silver shield with an "S" in it (these are server admins), right click on their name and select "Open Text Chat". Tell the admin about your issue in the text chat tab at the bottom of the TS3 client - they will investigate, ask the offender to stop and will boot them from the server and ban them if necessary.

    Note: This free convention is being ran by volunteers to benefit the Fantasy Grounds and online VTT RPG gaming community in general. Smiteworks are not directly involved with this convention in any way (other than allowing us to use the community forums & Gamecalendar, providing incentives to GMs who run games at the convention and being the producers of the Fantasy Grounds II VTT that we use for the convention).
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