PFS2 5-05: The Island of the Vibrant Dead SAT January 20th 6.30 PM UTC

Tier 3-6.

Please schedule around 4 1/2 hours for the game.

About the scenario:
A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 3rd- through 6th-level characters.

During routine study on the Maze of the Open Road, a lecture is interrupted by the old Pathfinder ghoul ally, Marcon Tinol. Through discussions with him, the Society learns that he and Drandle Dreng established an island haven in Azlant for ghouls wishing to live apart from humans, referred to as the Island of the Vibrant Dead. Marcon reports that a strange new ghoul named Ghessa has arrived on the island but her story about her death and undeath isn't adding up, leading him to fear that she may be up to something sinister. The PCs must travel to the island, where the residents maintain a ghoulish existence celebrating their undeath, and dig into Ghessa's story, as well as her trips into the vaults of the long-dead Arodenite priesthood.

Written by Joseph Blomquist

Scenario tags: Metaplot (Unfettered Exploration), Faction (Vigilant Seal)

Signups through warhorn.

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