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    another attempt at the level 5 pregens, i just noticed cupkakus has already done it , shame i didn't notice a few hours ago
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    Working on prepping some more 7th level pregens for PaizoCon. These use a variety of Paizo modules for races, classes and equipment, and Farnaby's Spells. I've tried to create actions for the pre-gens' consumables as well, making them easier for less experienced players to have access to item actions.
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    Also working on inputting the Second Edition Characters that have 1st, 3rd, and 5th level versions. These use Core Rulebook mostly, but I also add spell actions where they don't parse correctly and add torches as improvised weapons, and any effects from consumables I can.
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    Here's Meri!
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    And Valeros
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    Lastly, that P.I.T.A., Fumbus
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    Hey, y'all, building APG 5th levels for GenCon. Enjoy!

    Now includes all four 5th level APG Iconics, and some minor edits/tweaks performed.
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    Thank you all for your work building these, they have been and are are amazingly helpful for the games I have run at a few Con's this year!

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    Updated Core PFS2 1st Level Core (12 + Companion) Pregens for FGU.

    I have taken Cupcakus' Lvl 1 Core Pregen's and updated them a little bit here with some extra automation from the Drag_n_Drop mod from ShadeRaven.

    I only did the 12 core pregens at level 1 so far but I updated them organizing their equipment and making most of their items usable in the actions tab. I also filled out Ezrin's Spell Book and purchased a few bandoliers/belt pouches for a few characters (as the Pregen sheet shows the items equipped... one of the pregens didn't even have a single sheath for 4 weapons...) Anyway, I hope this will be useful to some people and a major shout out to Cupcakus for all the original work (a few posts below)and to ShadeRaven for the SR Drag_N_Drop mod! (Which can be found here: )

    *(Please note: I hope I am ok posting this as I used their work to do the edits but if not let me know and I will take it down)!

    Sean Montgomery

    *As a follow up, just curious as I ponder doing the rest of the Pre-Gens, would people prefer I just build them exactly as is on the character sheet or should I add the *extra items* so the pregens can carry and use their stuff? I could easily rework the core 12 and remove the items added if people want that. Otherwise I hope to do the rest of the pregens available soon and I will get them posted here again. (Including the Core ones at the higher levels).
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