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    If anyone wants/needs them, I just built token files for all the Iconics.


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    Oloch/4 Pregen Files...

    Attached is an initial build of the Oloch/4 Warpriest pregen. He's a good one to use if you're looking for that special mix of heavy melee and divine casting, with a healthy dose of chaotic neutral orcish sensibility.

    Note: The Oloch/4 pregen PDF appears to have an error/omission with respect to how FCB points are used. He gets 8 skill points across 4 levels, requires 9 skill ranks (8+1 FCB) to meet the specified skill profile in the PDF, and that leaves 3 FCBs to apply to hit points. So, I have set his hit points in the xml to 38 instead of 36 as in the PDF (used only 1 FCB for HP). See the abilities tab build info for the calculation if you are curious. In addition, the PDF for Oloch/4 incorrectly shows his perception as +3, whereas no ranks + Bestial (Orc racial replacement trait) makes it +4, as in the Oloch/1 and Oloch/7 pregen PDFs.

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