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    Mutants and Masterminds Character Swap

    With each ruleset, we have the basic capability to export and import characters. Please use this area to upload characters you want to share and use this as a resource for pre-built sample characters.

    Please give a little background about the character and see the instructions below.

    Instructions for Exporting:
    To export a character named Powerhouse, type:
    /exportchar Powerhouse

    Give the XML file a name and then create a post with the information listed below and attach your xml file.

    Instructions for importing:
    Download the attachment to a folder wherever you like.
    Inside your Mutants and Masterminds campaign, type:
    browse to MM_Powerhouse.xml (or whatever the name) and select it.

    Information to include in your Post : (example)
    Name: Powerhouse
    Power Level: 10
    Description: Powerhouse uses his enhanced Strength and Stamina to defeat most enemies. He is immune to cold and heat and prefers the use of his Shockwave attack to damage foes.
    Abilities: 36
    Power: 85
    Advantages: 3
    Skills: 16
    Defense: 10
    XML file: MM_Powerhouse.xml

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    Name: Battlesuit
    Power Level: 10
    Description: Battlesuit uses a powered battlesuit to fly, fight and interact with his surrioundings.
    Abilities: 30
    Power: 84
    Advantages: 8
    Skills: 12
    Defense: 16
    XML file: MM_Battlesuit.xml

    Name: Weapon Master
    Power Level: 10
    Description: Weapon Master is an expert trained in the use of the katana and boomerang.
    Abilities: 50
    Power: 10
    Advantages: 17
    Skills: 45
    Defense: 28
    XML file: MM_Weapon_Master.xml

    Name: Martial Artist
    Power Level: 10
    Description: Martial Artist is skilled combatant who relies upon his hand-to-hand experience to defeat foes.
    Abilities: 70
    Power: 0
    Advantages: 31
    Skills: 30
    Defense: 19
    XML file: MM_Martial_Artist.xml

    Name: Energy Controller
    Power Level: 10
    Description: Energy Controller's powers focus on manipulating energy to do her bidding.
    Abilities: 36
    Power: 79
    Advantages: 5
    Skills: 15
    Defense: 15
    XML file: MM_Energy_Controller.xml

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    Kid Flash example

    In inputting the chracters, I thought I'd post Kid Flash, first - to show an example of the character, and second - to solicit any feedback as to how I input his powers and the array. I think this will work, but if anyone has a better way of handling, I'd appreciate any feedback.

    Attachment 2707

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    Name: Paragon
    Power Level: 10
    Abilities: 36
    Power: 84
    Advantages: 1
    Skills: 17
    Defense: 12
    XML file: MM_Paragon.xml

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    FG Con PC's from DCU

    Here a few more of the characters I ran throught the convention scenario. Feel free to take a look and offer suggestions for improvement - I know I made some mistakes along the way whether from lack of familiarity with the FG ruleset or the MM3 rules.

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    Here is a Speedster that I built using the Character Generator in the Heroes' Handbook. If anything looks wrong, let me know.

    The options I rolled up were
    Abilities - Veteran
    Advantages - Team-Player
    Skills - Athlete, Police (there was an overlap in Perception so I tweaked it by giving 2 to Close Combat Unarmed)
    Movement Powers - Running, Rapid Metabolism
    Offensive Powers - Disruption, Alternate Effect: Rapid Attack
    Defensive Powers - Natural Selection
    Power Points
    Abilities 40 + Powers 77 + Advantages 3 + Skills 16 + Defenses 14 = Total 150
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