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    To the devs

    I paid for a license on FG through Steam. Used it for a handful of hours and decided it was too much of a pain to use. I had hoped FGU would be easier to use and therefore gave it a sub to try it out. It's not easier. Don't say you support 4e if we, the paying customer, have to jump through hoops, by scouring Reddit, Discord, and forums to get something as simple as character creation to work. I spent HOURS trying to get this to work. Pain in the butt and literally got nowhere for my efforts. AND I AM PAYING FOR THIS.

    I went to Roll20 and their tutorial got me farther in half an hour than DAYS of research here. I have cancelled my sub. I wish you the best but you guys have really got to make this easier and actually SUPPORT the games you say you do. Your marketplace has two modules for 4e. Which i stupidly paid for up front thinking i could get this to work.

    I would throw money at you if you could get this to work and get it work in a matter that doesn't require downloading compendiums, creating modules, and importing them into other files just so i can create a character. I ALREADY PAID YOU TO DO THE WORK. I would pay you for digital copies of books i already own in hardback just to get it to work.

    I am saddened and disappointed.

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    I'm sorry that your expectations weren't met. There is obviously a disconnect in your understanding of what Fantasy Grounds provides for D&D 4e. SmiteWorks do not have a license from Wizards of the Coast for D&D 4e. I'm not aware of any VTT company that does. I don't think that anywhere there is an official statement that D&D 4e is officially supported on Fantasy Grounds with 4e data.

    In the details of what comes with a Standard or Ultimate license, D&D 4e is listed under the "Rulesets" section, but not under "Data Libraries" - indicating that you don't get data for 4e with your FG license. If you hover over the "i" information icon for rulesets you will see "Rulesets provide the understanding for the mechanics of a system, and it allows you to enter data into predefined fields for items, NPCs, characters, etc." See the screenshot below:

    If there is an official SmiteWorks announcement/post somewhere that led you to believe differently, then please provide link/s so that the wording can be addressed as needed.
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    I play 4e every week and have jumped through all the hoops. I know its a pain to set up but once it is, it runs smooth. Feel free to write me with any questions. I will make a thread soon with extensions I currently use, both custom made and modified 5e community extensions found on these forums (with author approval). Hopefully it will get pinned.

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    I play in 16 4e games, (sadly only) 5 of which are on Fantasy Grounds, the rest is on Roll20. I would gladly play all of them on FG though, this program is so good once you know how to use it.
    I will also offer to help you and / or answer questions you have how to work on things in FG. The workload that a GM has on Roll20 is immense with all the macros they have to code for monsters, while in FG it's basically drag/drop, once you have a library.

    There are tutorials on youtube on how to create characters in FG for 4e, albeit a bit old, they give a general idea of how it's done. Search for "fantasy grounds tutorial matt colville" on youtube to find them.
    If you'd like, I can also PM you a couple of Discord server invites where you can find people who use FG to play 4e.

    Hang in there! It's REALLY worth it!
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    While I agree a little with the misleading info on 4E support (I didn't understand that a ruleset has nothing to do with content before my purchase), both @kevininrussia and @Llyle are right, once you get it setup its easy and great! (Also, they both helped me with the setup!)

    It would not be a bad idea however, to make it MORE noticeable for rulesets stating the contents/libraries are not included.

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    The main problem I have is there is no way to get the data from the published works into the game as the parser has nothing to parse. Ive tried using the scripts of the portable compendium can still get but it does grab two important datasets for running the campaign. Its nice to say item parser or offline compendium but both of those require access to something that no longer exists. Like i still have my actual collection of 4e hard copies but to try and go through all of that and by backup of the insider pdfs to get the info in

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    The FG product description pretty clearly does not claim to include 4e data libraries

    D&D 2E
    D&D 3.5E
    D&D 4E
    D&D 5E
    Pathfinder 1
    Pathfinder 2

    Data Libraries
    D&D 5e SRD
    D&D 5e Basic Rules
    D&D 3.5E SRD
    Pathfinder 1E SRD

    Additionally Smiteworks offer a 30day refund on your purchases from the FG store.

    SmiteWorks also dont talk about parsers or compendiums. This information has been provided by other users. But either way - SmiteWorks cant provide the data without a license.

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