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    Exporter for PCGen to FG II PFRPG for PCs


    My PC Gen PFRPG for FG II export failed. Wondering if I have a current driver. There used to be a ling to a driver for PC Gen to export Player Characters for FG II in PFRPG format. Does anyone have information on that?


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    I think it's built into PCGen. Is your PCGen install up to date? If so, perhaps try downgrading to version 6.00.1 (which is what is recommended in the instructions for importing to FG).
    When you have completed your PC you can export your character by selecting: File -> Export -> select the d20/fantasy/htmlxml/csheet_FantasyGrounds2_pc_3.5.xml template and press the “Export” button.
    The resulting xml can be imported directly by the GM (chat command /importchar) or using the Character Converter.
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    Open your FG App data directory (press the folder icon in the top right of the main FG launch screen) and go to the "utilities" directory.
    EDIT: updated/more accurate export template here
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    I found it:

    Saw that one too, this is easier. bmos, Thanks!

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