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    C&C GMs: got a few minutes?

    I'm thinking of putting out some FG-specific products - specifically, some extremely generic but nice-looking modules for battlemats in a variety of terrains and common terrain features. They wouldn't be C&C-specific, but my prototype is, so I figured I check in this forum.

    The modules that I've looked at so far are either fairly limited in scope, and/or centered on fairly specific encounter situations, like a step-pyramid in a forest, so I'm hardly ever going to use them. What I'd like to see is battlemaps that are as flexible as possible for multiple game systems, time periods, and situations.

    I think they should be pretty generic but still nice looking... so there wouldn't necessarily be a lot of ultra detail and clutter on the maps, so they are as reusable as possible. I figure GM's will spend their time tricking out the maps that focus on their module or campaign. I just want something for those random encounters, like "you're following the shore of the lake when 8 lizard men attack" ... BOOM, there's the tokens, and there's a nice looking lake side (or the meadow, or the small bridge, or the ford, etc.), let the battle begin. I'd see this as being a pretty inexpensive goodie - like a few bucks or something.

    I've attached one here for your amusement - Plains, with a wagon road fording a stream - enjoy

    I'm kinda half serious about following up with the idea as a real product, but I have at least created a basic module that I can share with a few GMs to see what their reactions are. If you'd be interested in taking a look at it in C&C, you'd be welcome to keep the module, of course.

    If you're interested, please PM me your email address and I'll send you a link to download. Thanks for your time - and happy gaming!
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    Hey Dr V,

    That map looks fantastic! I have few resources for maps and find that I don't want to take the time to learn how to create detailed encounter maps. I am ok with generic "maps" that I can use as player hand outs, but above that I've been pulling stuff from the net.

    If you pursue this and put something together, I'd certainly entertain purchasing through the FG2 Storefront.

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

    (oh and sorry for a late response. The boards here are slow, and I don't check them that often.)

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    I'd be interested in having a look (of course I'll hack the mod to work with Savage Worlds though)
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