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    Tales from the 13th Precinct

    Starting a new thread for the game here so we can stop hijacking the other thread. Apologies to Pompog for 9 pages of hijacking.

    The truly important stuff:
    We currently run on Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM EST.
    You probably need a copy of World of Darkness
    and a copy of Tales from the 13th Precinct

    WARNING: This game may not be suitable for children under 17. Due to the graphic nature of this setting this game may include: Adult Situations, Strong horror, Explicit/Illegal/Prolonged drug use, Adult Language, Nudity, Strong graphic violence, Sex, Depraved Abhorrent behavior, Violence towards women, Illegal use of motor vehicles, Depictions of discrimination, and possible violations of Religious and Moral values.

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    Don't have Tales from the 13th Precinct, and I have little recent experience with RP's, but I'd like to join you if it would be ok. I'm not entirely sure what the next step would be, if I get the ok from the ST.

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    Vemocleus you probably want to go to this website


    register there, then PM a guy on there called Jthm0138 - who is the same as unerwünscht here on FG , that's a gaming website that he runs and which he's also using as a forum for this campaign

    I'd strongly recommend getting a hold of the world of darkness sourcebook and the 13th precinct also contains a LOT of useful info - without at least the world of darkness sourcebook I personally would be completely lost as far as what's going on during a typical FG game session especially if I was new to RPG's - besides which it's a fun read , and I also found the 13th precinct sourcebook to be a very fun read too ... here's some links to amazon



    There are people who choose to get pdf copies of the books instead online but I will leave that completely up to your discretion ...

    The current group of players are the type who take the time to write up a detailed character background and personality (I'd estimate about a page's worth of typed stuff ) and who post a picture of their character (www.deviantart.com has some great pic's for this sort of thing ) - I'd also argue we're the type who really get into the whole role playing out our character's personality thing ... don't get me wrong there's action and combat too and what not but RP'ing seems to be a big thing in our group (which I consider to be a good thing personally ) .. I would go so far as to argue that if you put the time and effort into that this makes you more valuable than someone who knows the rules forwards and backwards but can't be bothered to write up a character background/personality (I've met players like this too ) ... rules can always be learned but being willing and able to role play your character's personality is a real treat for the other players in the group and the gamesmaster (or at least that's what I've found anyways ) ..

    Basically you'd just think of a modern day cop here from the 20th century earth and write him or her up as far as background and personality ...If the GM approves you for the game though I'd strongly recommend skimming over the "role call part 2 - PC Descriptions " discussion for the 13th precinct group at the gaming army .. it's been my experience that if a player writes someone up who's "too much" like another PC, the new player gets kind of bummed because he feels sort of redundant :P ...

    Everything in-game is typed in our group - you don't have to be the speed mcqueen of typists mind you :P but if typing is a slow and painful process (not trying to insult you by any means ! It's just that I've run into FG players for whom typing IS a slow and painful process, surprising but true - I've watched them get really frustrated because they can't keep up with the other players during FG game sessions) then an FG game where most of the stuff is done over voice chat (that is , the FG program is used mainly for displaying maps and dice rolls only , as opposed to our group where we use it for pretty much everything) might be a better fit for you... on the other hand if you're a halfway decent typist you shouldn't have a problem ...

    Currently (by currently I mean as of Feb 2012, I'll probably forget to go back in and edit this comment in the future so better throw a date up here ) we have 4 players, a fifth is deciding if the group is for him or not given his time constraints ... in case that 5th player is reading this right now - dude I'd hate to lose you, you're an awesome player ! ..

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    Also for anyone new to the FG program in general - check out the downloads link (scroll to the top of this web page you're on right now to see it), then scroll down to lower right hand side of screen under "Archived video tutorials" and click on "Quick Start Guide".. now granted some of that info won't apply to our dice rolls since we use the world of darkness system rather than the dungeons and dragons system Xorn depicts there.. having said that it's still a really useful intro to how FG in general works, I can't recommend it enough, really helped me out a lot when I was brand new !

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    I use skype personally, but that's if people want to join me. I still type, and I type fast.

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    True that ! Some of us are using the text function of skype (not voice ) as a backup communication method in case FG crashes for some reason .... the GM is normally not on skype however so it's more of a player-on-player communication thing really

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    So, we playing tomorrow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bardlebee
    So, we playing tomorrow?
    see post I left you on gaming army

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