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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank B View Post
    I really think that there should be a drag and drop version of the advanced classes.. I have no idea how to do it or i would. Even if it was a module that had to be bought..

    If you only need a couple of classes, it is actually rather easy to create them yourself. Or better yet, have your players create them for you :-P

    Class menu -> right click -> new. It's then only a question of filling the blanks and add every class feature one by one and at what level they are obtained. Lots of copy/paste involved. Nothing difficult, but it becomes rather tedious if you have many classes to import, especially if you want to import all the archetypes for the class (which means creating a new class for each archetype) or if the class has specific options to choose from (like a sorcerer's bloodline, or an oracle mystery/revelation) in which case you'd have to create them one by one as special abilities.

    MP me if you need a demonstration.

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    Bear Shaman Summons - Summonable Bears

    Whipped up this little ditty for my Bear Shaman Druid.
    It basically gives you a bunch of options for summonable bears from CL 2-8 by using the templates described in the archetype and applying them to the Grizzly Bear and Dire Bear .. Black Bears are described in the rules as being the equivalent of 'young' Grizzlies.. there are actually stats for Polar Bears in the Bestiary 5.. which is simply an advanced Grizzly with a swim speed and a tweak to it's swim skill. I did NOT include variant Polar Bears... theoretically that could get you to a CL 9 Advanced Giant Dire Polar Bear. It wasn't really a relevant element for my campaign so I didn't bother with it.

    I thought someone else might find it useful as well.


    Note that, in general, bears are way underloved as far as companions go.. hopefully this helps make them a little cooler.
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    Does anyone know if any classes like Gunslinger or Ninja are available for FG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natewizard View Post
    Does anyone know if any classes like Gunslinger or Ninja are available for FG?
    An official conversion of Ultimate Combat hasn't been done yet.

    However, there are some community modules - See the "Character Classes" module in post #3, for example. But, in general, these don't have full drag/drop functionality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natewizard View Post
    Does anyone know if any classes like Gunslinger or Ninja are available for FG?
    I have a module in progress that has both the Gunslinger and Ninja (and all archetypes for those classes). Those classes are both complete, it is just the rest of the classes in the module are not complete. I am working on the Ranger now and all classes alphabetically after are in the pipeline.
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