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    Anyone played with Alternate Rules for PF

    I was looking at the alternate rules for Pathfinder (Armor as DR, Piecemeal, Wounds) and I was wondering if anyone has played with them. I have some experience with them in different game systems, Star Wars forget which version and maybe True20 armor is different, but I was wondering how they worked out if anyone has tried them.
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    I'm running a FG game with armor as DR and called shots (if they feel like using them). We've gone from level 1-3 and here are my observations:

    Armor as DR makes a low level paladin or heavy armored fighter impossible to kill. When they gain more levels, we'll see how it evens out. I like it as a more accurate representation of how hits and damage are distributed but changing all the FG entries from standard AC to AC and DR / armor is a bit of a pain sometimes.

    Called shots was used only in the first game in a very specific situation (a choker had a hold on someone and was dragging her off). All the called shots missed. The group was too low in level to overcome the attack penalties.

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