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Thread: FRP Extension

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardem View Post
    New version 0.66

    Made a minor change in the Combat Tracker to make sure it compatible with Rolemaster 1.7.6.
    Thank you very much !

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    I could not insert the programs as described.

    The upper runs, only with the second I have problems with the Mod File v0.6.

    I have inserted the data in the program.

    Can you help me?


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    Hi Blackmage,

    You need to do the following to use the Mod File:
    1. Copy the .mod file to the modules directory of the Fantasy Grounds data directory. It should be in the same area as the extensions directory. (This only has to be done the first time)
    2. Start up the RolemasterClassic ruleset but be sure to select the Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplay extension from the extensions list.
    3. Click the modules button and open the module.

    Please let us know if that doesn't resolve it for you.


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    Thanks dakadin.

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    thanks first of all

    I'll see, then it goes on ...


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    somehow there is a mistake in it.
    He makes me the bonuses of RM2 on the STAT (+20 and so), but the racial bonuses of FRP.

    That was the way it was before, had changed it again

    Can you help me, please

    Thank you

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    runs so far and sorry

    Still have to ask for some tables, because of success and so far.
    There is nothing in it, in some tables.
    Just wanted to ask if he shows me or I have to take from the books ??
    "Would not be so important"

    Question about classes, like priests ...
    Question about spells, if you could add some "yourself". At certain levels is only an increase possible if players or GM want to insert themselves?


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    Hi guys,

    Any idea when will the FRP mod run on the current fantasy grounds version?

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    Hi guys, This is a very old thread please do not use this thread anymore.

    There is a new version here

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