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    3E D&D / Pathfinder - Community Extensions

    3.5E and PFRPG ruleset version update: FG v3.3.8 has been pushed via the FG update mechanism.
    Always Check that you have the most up to date versions.
    Most extensions are now available via the forge https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/

    There are some changes to the 3.5E/PFRPG rulesets in this update, so some of the following extensions will need updating to work with FG v3.3.8.

    Note: With the release of FG v3.3.8 some of these extensions might not work properly or be visible for selection in PFRPG campaigns - please comment in the specific extension thread if you experience issues.

    Some generic FG v3.3.8 extensions that can be used with 3.5e and Pathfinder are available here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...RPG-Extensions

    These are the ones I have so far.

    Please post comments on individual extensions in the specific extension thread (linked above) - please keep this thread for info on new/updated extensions. Thanks!

    Developers - you're welcome to look at the code in these extensions as examples of how to develop your own extensions. If you want to use the code, please be polite and get in touch with the developer who made the extension and ask permission to use their code (send them a PM and post in the relevant extension thread). Some developers may no longer be active in the community, give the dev a couple of weeks to respond and if they don't respond you have done the polite thing and should be able to use their code (as long as the extension does not specifically say you can't). If you do use other people's code please mention them in the extension - it's only fair to give credit where credit is due.

    Extension developers who don't want other people to use their code should say so in their extension.
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    Older extensions, either not compatible with FG 3.0 or no longer needed:

    • Enhanced FeatsFunctionality in FG v3.3.5
    • Resizable PC sheet Functionality in FG v3.3.5
    • Image Text Labels - Not compatible with the current version of FG. Update to come in future..
    • Encounters: auto CR and XP calculation Built in for Pathfinder in FG v3.2.x, no longer compatible for 3.5E.
    • Individual PC XP Assignment Not needed in FG 3.2.0+ - functionality built into ruleset.
    • DC Plus Spell save DC options. Not needed in FG 3.2.0+ - functionality built into ruleset.
    • Shop and Town Extension Updated for FG 3.0. Superseded by the Locations extension above.
    • Alignment conditions PFRPG & 3.5E rulesets Adds alignments as a condition. Allows IFT: <alignment> conditional effects that are useful for special abilities such as a Paladin's smite evil. Final backwards compatible update: 0.6.2 for FG v3.1.2. Do not use with FG v3.1.3+
    • Unlocking/Moving the dice tower. Included in FG 3.1.2
    • Optional Conditions Adds a number of conditions to the ruleset conditions lists - more options for conditional effects. Thanks Draco. Updated June 2015.
    • Expanded Effects Tags Adds new effects tags - CL driven effects and also the AWESOME effect removal tag - allows players to remove their own effects! Thanks Nickademus. February 2014. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FG 3.0.4+
    • Ability Damage Action Adds ability damage to the damage action and ability healing to the heal action of a spell in a spell class on the action tab. February 2014. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FG 3.0.4+
    • Tenian's language extension for 3.5E Updated for FG 3.0 PFRPG ruleset. Newer extension for use with CoreRPG layered rulesets (including 3.5e and Pathfinder) is available here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...G-3-0-rulesets
    • Maximum NPC hitpoints Not needed in FG 3.0 - functionality included in ruleset via option "CT: NPC Hit Points".
    • PC Controlled NPCs (Added 1st June 2013) No longer needed in FG 3.0 - functionality included in the ruleset.
    • Killing on minus con (Updated 29th December 2012 - V2.9.2 compatible)
    • coldiron damage type Temporary work around for "cold iron" being currently seen as "cold" and "iron" damage types - adds "coldiron" as a damage type. Needs manual editing of PC and NPC records to change "cold iron" to "coldiron". Not needed in FG 3.0.4+

    The above extensions are listed so that people are aware they are no longer needed, and also to allow extensions developers access to example extensions from which they can learn utilize similar code for their own projects. Developers using pieces of code should also request the original developer's permission and give them credit in any resulting work.
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    Updated to post to keep everything together.

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    The FG wiki has a page for extensions. Check it out! Make sure new extensions make it there.

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    I went ahead and made this thread sticky. The FG Wiki is a great resource in general though.

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    Agreed but it doesn't split the extensions into ruleset.

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    Updated with new extensions.

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    Towns extension here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ad.php?t=16549

    V1.1 available in post #9.

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    Added to first list.

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    Hi I'm trying to find the Add Spells to NPCs extension... can't see a link to download. Could someone kindly point the way?
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