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    Ok, I'm getting it.

    Alright, well now that I'm getting this all together finally, and gaining some understanding of the C&C rulesset, let me properly introduce myself.

    Name is Dave, and I've been a player of D&D for over 30 years now. Ungh! My beard is laced with white, and I now actually resemble the old sages I use to play.

    I'm very old school, and storytelling oriented. I can play, but I prefer to DM. To that end I would be interested in getting a game going.

    My free time is on Sunday evening. (EST) probably from 6 to 10? Time is flexible, but the day is not, though I certainly could run something on a wed or thurs evening.

    Anyway, I was hoping this thread might open a discussion about the type of game potential players might be interested in playing, and what characters they might be interested in as well.

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    I'm generally available from 6-9:30pm US Eastern time on Sundays and would be interested in being a victi...I mean player and seeing how it goes. Are you thinking of starting in February?

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    Great! lol, I was hoping to find some vic.. er... players here! Yeah, no rush... just trying to get things together. Looking at the way the rules are set up, I'm actually considering doing level 1 characters to start off, with a simple mini adventure to get everything going, and so I can learn how FG works in play, before launching into the first main adventure.

    I'm interested in some player input as to what they want to play, and what they like to see. I'm definitely looking to do old school dungeon crawl/ role play.

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    you may indeed have a few victims! c&c - just like ad&d is pretty good at killing level1 characters - poor little Wizard with 2hp etc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned
    you may indeed have a few victims! c&c - just like ad&d is pretty good at killing level1 characters - poor little Wizard with 2hp etc!
    OH, i do max HP at first level, and reroll 1s for Hp so its not that bad. lol.

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    I sent you a PM regarding this

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    Any thoughts on when you might be getting this started? I'd be down for playing in a game.
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    Probably the first part of Febuary. I'm learning the C&C rules and FG at the same time, and need to plan the game.

    I need to know what kind go character you would like to play, and some background. I'm going to be using the Highlands to start off.

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