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    Starting A Game

    Hi, I am looking to start a FG SW game. The game will either be Sci-Fi or Superhero/villian with many sci-fi elements. More likely the first one. I am wondering if anyone would actually be interested in playing this game. If people are I would be happy to host it and play as GM. Let me know what you think and we will see if we can get something together.

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    Hi tinyharold, always good to see more SW GMs. If you post the timezone you can get a better idea of who might be able to play
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    Glad to know at least one person is interested. I am in UTC -5:00 times zone. Sessions would probably occur mid to late Friday every week if possible. To clarify, I am also open to doing a variety of fantasy themes and the ones I already mentioned. I hope you and I will be able to play and I hope that you can bring some friends.

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    i would like to join in but i have a 6pm pst 9pm est game i am in that i am not going to leave

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    I'd be interested in playing. I'm new to SW, but I've been playing online via FG for a few years now.

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