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Thread: Tor's Maps

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    Tor's Maps

    Just kinda wanted to give back to the community with whatever I could, so here's a few of the maps I've made since me and the group I'm DM'ing returned to D&D a few months back (thanks to discovering Fantasy Grounds). They're built for using a 50x50 grid on the table.

    First and foremost, most of the "objects" in these maps were done by various people out there on the web that do these kinds of things. You guys rock, please jump on in here and point out anything you see that's yours in these maps.

    First off, since it had been more than 15 years since last me and my group played D&D we thought we'd better ease back into it with a module. I chose Keep on the Shadowfell (loved everything building up to the keep and the dungeon, ended up hating the dungeon itself). Anyway, I did find a great map of Level 1 of the dungeon but strangely enough I never found a decent Level 2. So, I made one. HERE it is.

    Here's my version of Valthrun's Tower in the village of Winterhaven, which isn't exactly part of the module, but I plan on handing it off to the party:
    Valthrun's Tower 1.jpg
    Valthrun's Tower 2.jpg
    Valthrun's Tower 3.jpg
    Valthrun's Tower 4.jpg

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    Those are nice. I actually have a need for a small tower like this in a new campaign I am working on so you posted them at a good time.
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    Kind of a work in progress, but one possible hook the party might take after returning to Winterfell is my (heavily) modified version of Thunderspire Labyrinth.

    The big sprawling dungeon in the original just seemed sorta goofy to me, I dunno. I decided to go with the premise that a group of human bandits are working in conjunction with a tribe of goblins (hobgoblins leadership, bugbear muscle, and goblin infantry). The humans are putting up a "front" of a mining operation to help cover up what's going on. Helps explain all the wagons coming and going (which would otherwise be easily tracked), etc. But if anyone managed to get past the guard posts (the two cabins) and the tall palisade guarding the "mine" entrance, they discover several small camps of goblinoid and worse races, either there to buy slaves or trade with the Underdark via this new and lucrative trade route to the surface. There's slave pens, a slave pit, some stables, and some semi-distinct sets of tents and whatnot that I'll plug several different races into.

    Here's the initial area inside the "mine". It's meant to be a mix of natural and carved passages. Storerooms, barracks, etc have been cut out from the main natural cavern deeper within. There's also a little 3d thing goin on there, where another natural passage leads to where they get their water.

    This is where the natural tunnel from the map above leads to. I'm thinking like a small group of lizardfolk have a shakey alliance with the goblin slavers as well, and guard the underground river (which will eventually get bigger via another map). I was toying with the idea that the only meaningful reason the lizardfolk stay there is that they're lead by a mad shaman who has them worshipping some bizarre idol in the small cave you can only reach by diving into the water and swimming under and up into. This map's not exactly done. I mean to put several "Difficult Terrain" markers in the more obvious spots that I've put down rubble and rocks, etc.

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    Some houses. The first three were modified from an empty version I found on the web somewhere (RPGmapShare I think). If you were the person that made the originals, you are awesome and are hereby accredited. I made the last one, with the exception of the objects within it of course:




    Edit: By the way, those houses aren't exactly meant to be stand-alone maps. I plop them down in bigger outdoor or street maps. Eventually, I hope to make many more sizes and shapes, etc.
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    Oh ya, and I really hated Level 3 of Shadowfell Keep. Made no sense to me how that big arsed room/temple and all its little anterooms would be in there, so I trimmed it down:

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunnarGreybeard
    Those are nice. I actually have a need for a small tower like this in a new campaign I am working on so you posted them at a good time.
    Dude, that's awesome! Enjoy!

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    Very nice looking maps!
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    Very cool! I appreciate a lot of the trimming. My group (of which Devinnight is a member) is running through the Vale modules atm along with some home-brew bridges between Keep and Thunderspire and then Thunderspire and whatever H3 is. I had fun doing the maps for the home-brew bits, but I had a lot of help from folks who've done updates of the Vale maps and put them out for free use. Found a great 3D one of Fallcrest someone had done in Sketchup.

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    These look great! Thanks for sharing them, Torgaard.

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