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    2 computers in the same house connecting

    not sure if its possible to change the ports for fg2 to something other than 1802 for one computer... but i cant have 2 computers with the same port forwarded... any other options?

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    lol nm figured it out... of course after i post thats what happens

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    you only need the ports forwarded if you are hosting a game... if you want to host 2 games at the same time...

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    well no if you want to host the game on 1 machine and use it on the other both have to forwarded... or you can use direct connect instead lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndrome
    well no if you want to host the game on 1 machine and use it on the other both have to forwarded
    Err, not sure that this statement is correct. Are you running the game on 1 machine (hosting FG as a GM) and the other machine is a player?

    If so, as damned says, you only need to forward port 1802 on your router to the GM machine that is hosting the game - as this is running as a server and "listening" for communications on port 1802. The player machine connects to port 1802 on the GM machine, it does not "listen" for connections on port 1802 on it's own machine.

    However, if you wanted to host 2 different FG games on 2 different machines at the same time behind the same router, then you would need to have port forwarding to both machines and would need some way of changing the listening port from 1802 on one of those machines.

    And, if all of your GM's and players' machines are behind the same router then you don't need port forwarding at all!

    Hope that makes sense...

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    well i was reading it says you have to have 1802 incoming open for gm... and 1802 outgoing for player... but yea if its behind the same router it doesnt require forwarding anyways... so i downloaded hamachi so everyone could connect

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    You only need to forward port 1802 from your router to the computer on your home LAN that will host FGII games for INTERNET connected clients i.e. any client connecting through your firewall.

    Clients internal to your home network will not need to route via your router as they can connect directly using your home LAN internal IP addresses.

    However, if the intention is to host two FGII games simultaneously from behind the same router then here's how you could do it.

    - Setup port forwarding on your home router to both home servers but choose a different port for the second system e.g. 65535
    - Start your first server with FGII as normal
    - Start the second server using the -p flag to set the different port number

    e.g. fantasygrounds.exe -p 65535

    Note: All clients connecting to the 2nd server will need to also change their port to the same as the host, in this example 65535.

    I have never personally tried it but it should work in theory.
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    ah thank you... i was attempting to find out how to change ports on a program... that helps

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    Hi, there, people! I am having a very similar problem...

    My desktop is connected to my router by a cable. My laptop is wireless. I did not change the configuration of my laptop, and just enabled my router to accept its IP on port 1802; FG on my laptop is OK, connects properly.
    The problem comes in what concerns my desktop. I did as instructed above (flagged the shortcut icon with -p 1801), then enabled my router (and firewall) to let port 1801 open for my desktop... And it won't budge! What is the problem? When I change everything back on my desktop to work on port 1802, it goes normally, though...

    By the way, I oppened the traffic control of my firewall and, indeed, my desktop was triggering port 1801 when I wanted it to. Ah... By the way, UPnP is enabled on my router, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werethunder View Post
    By the way, UPnP is enabled on my router, too.
    If you have UPnP on your router and you will only ever be hosting one game from your own network then you don't need to change ports on your computers and you don't need to setup static port forwarding.

    Remove all port forwarding that you have already setup for port 1802 on your router and just let it use UPnP.

    Of course, if you and someone else might be running 2 completely separate games as GM then you would need one of the Fantasy Grounds to use a different port number, but UPnP should still work for you.

    And, by the way, if you still need to manually set a port number when you use the -p<port number> command *do not* have a space between the -p and the port number. e.g. -p1801 *not* -p 1801 Any player that is trying to connect to a different port than 1802 will need to manually set their port number too.
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