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    Alright! Take your time! We are all anxious for a good product!!
    It is good to count on people like you!:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison
    It is basically functionally complete at this time. It will take some more time to wrap up all the library module content from the core rulebook. It will need to go through some QA and revisions after that stage is complete.

    awesome ! Will be purchasing it soon as it's available

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    Just a thought - any way of convincing the green ronin people (the publishers of mutants and masterminds) to put a link up to fantasy grounds on their website advertising the creation of the Fantasy Grounds Mutants and Masterminds ruleset? Maybe spin it as something like " A great option for those who can't find local gamers in their area " (which is a problem that has haunted all gamers looking for "local real life" players at one point or another)? Forgive me if this is a "stupid noob" question, I have no idea if there's any licensing snafu's or what not that would prevent FG and/or Green Ronin from doing so..

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    I just finished testing the latest draft of M&M, which included the Heroes Handbook. I really like the organization within the library module. We encountered a few missing items from the book... but otherwise it is very nearly there.

    One feature I'm really hoping to have included is the ability to drag a hero archetype sample directly to the Player Character window to have it pre-fill a sample character. This should make it easier to do character creation since you can start from the archetype and just modify to taste.

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    Andrepartthree, we can always ask. We've had some of our publishers post links to Fantasy Grounds and the various modules on their sites in the past.

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    3 questions

    Estimated time of completion?
    When finished, where can I buy it?
    How much will it cost?

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    I'm really looking forward to this! Just got my DC Adventures RPG books and this would be great timing if the rules set were to come out soon(tm)

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    I am looking forward to this release.

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    So am I; I hope things are progressing, it's been a while since we had an update.

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    ETA is still a little tough to pinpoint at this time. The GM library module hadn't been started when I tested on 4/6, so that could still take some time. Most of the issues I found with the Player side were pretty minor though, so I'm hoping it will be less than a month to get the revisions and the GM module finished and then another two weeks to conduct the final test and polish. I'm not doing the development on this, though, so it's all conjecture at this point.

    When it is done, you'll be able to buy directly from the FG Store or from RPGNow or DriveThruRPG -- possibly from Green Ronin as well. We will be at Gen Con in the booth adjacent to Green Ronin, so we hope to have it ready before then for sure.

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