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    Good point Stuart. We'll be sure to test it thoroughly and may end up making some changes to support better performance.

    Kairos, we don't yet have an ETA. We are still probably three months out at least I would guess and maybe more.

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    Looks great! Thank you for finally working on this system! I definitely like the layout and color scheme!

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    I just finished a quick round of beta testing for a very functional Mutants & Masterminds ruleset. It's getting very close. Just like most of the rulesets, the attacks, skills, saves, etc are all linked to the dice rolls. Most everything can be dragged from the Heroes Handbook in the library (called The Net here) and dropped on to your character sheet. I'm recommending we drop the transparency on the windows and have a 100% opacity for legibility on stacked windows, but otherwise it looks great.

    Here are a few screenshots.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    This looks great! My players were really excited when I told them that this was in the works. It will make our FG Mutants & Masterminds game run smoother!

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    This is awesome!!! I hope there was something being done with Hero System, but Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Ed. already rocks! Congratulations!

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    Awesome! Any ETA since the last round of tests?

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    Want to add my comments to the list of kudo's this is awesome ! I've been hoping forever an "official" (heck even unofficial :P ) mutants and masterminds ruleset would come out .. thank you so much for working on this there are going to be a lot of very appreciative people

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    Add my voice to the chorus of anticipation.

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    How is the ruleset looking DDavison? It looks amazing so far! My group is really looking forward to trying this one out!

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    It is basically functionally complete at this time. It will take some more time to wrap up all the library module content from the core rulebook. It will need to go through some QA and revisions after that stage is complete.

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